Who’s joining the $30 club? The next star players in roto leagues

Head-to-head games and snake drafts have become fantasy baseball’s standards, but the industry began nearly 40 years ago as AL/NL-only Rotisserie auction leagues. Millions still play those games, and there is an artifact from that format with utility for every style of play.

Dollar values continue to be convenient data points that accurately measure each player’s contribution to his team’s success or failure. The standard auction budget has been $260 per team since almost the beginning, which allows us to set benchmarks for player value. Thirty dollars is the generally accepted delineator for star performance; fewer than 20 players reach that threshold each year.

“It gives us an opportunity to compete,” Gentry said. “It gives us an opportunity to compete at the highest level, so our guys are excited about it. We have a ton of respect for the Warriors and what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished the last four years. But we also know that we can compete against them, and that’s our goal, is we’ve got to understand that and have the confidence to go out and do that.”

As Gentry opened his post-practice remarks inside the same building he has seen the Warriors have so much success in over the last few years, he seemed to enjoy the ambiance that the old building provided.

“It’s good to be back here,” Gentry said. “If you’re playing against this team and it’s not the first round then you’ve done pretty good I think.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA executive director Michele Roberts have discussed scenarios to end the requirement for American players to wait one year after high school graduation to enter the NBA draft, but no formal agreement could be reached before the NBPA’s executive committee, including president Chris Paul, gather for a meeting at the end of the NBA playoffs in June.

Silver and Roberts have both expressed a desire to change the rule, but it remains to be seen how the process of negotiating a rule change between the league and players will unfold.

But when McMillan was asked about the calls, he told a story about splitting his team up in practice and that even then the starters or star players tend to get advantageous calls.

“Sometimes it’s human nature to have this player and this player and give it to this player,” he said playfully without identifying names.

Kill coached at SIU from 2001 until 2007, leading the Salukis to a 55-32 record, five straight FCS title games and three straight Gateway Conference championships. He won the Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year Award in 2004.steelers_417