How player pay works for the Super Bowl, and why Jimmy Garoppolo’s getting paid

League minimum salaries vary by how long a player’s been in the NFL, and players don’t all make the same amount, so this calculation isn’t the same for everyone. Super Bowl money is less a big deal for Tom Brady ($22 million a year, not counting endorsements) than for some practice squad pickup who’s just catching on.

But, for example: The minimum salary for a player with between four and six years of NFL service time was $775,000 this season. Players in that boat can get up to a 14.5 percent raise if they’re on a team that reaches and wins the Super Bowl.

Winning a Super Bowl is a lot of motivation. But the money on the line makes the game a far bigger deal for the players than many realize.

The second half of the 2017-18 NBA season is here, which means Las Vegas bookmakers are bracing for the bizarre, but expected, ritual of tanking.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving, “Losing is our best option,” relaying a recent conversation Cuban had with his staff. The NBA subsequently fined Cuban $600,000 for that public comment.

Nick Friedell: One of Wiggins’ biggest flaws is that he shows up in certain games and disappears in others — so the answer is that there really isn’t one.

If the Wolves want to solidify their playoff positioning, they need Wiggins to be more consistent, but at this point in his career he hasn’t shown the ability to do that game after game.

In a sense, you might say time in a physical sense began with the Big Bang which was over 10 billion years ago. The thing is that that particular perspective is, as I said, something that happened independent of human beings. That happened a long time ago and the universe has been evolving in time independent of us.

In a sense, there’s two things that are going on at the time of a game — which is to say the physical time which is what the clocks are measuring, but then there’s the psychological perspective, that is to say how people in the audience are perceiving time, Mallett explains patiently. In other words, it might seem like the game is going long for them or it seems like it’s going on too short for them and those things are relative to them.

James, who has made it to seven straight Finals out of the East with the Cavs and Miami Heat, contended that no change is necessary.