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Former Astros coach Rich Dauer, who nearly died last year, tosses 1st pitch in home opener

Rich Dauer, the former first base coach for the Houston Astros, tossed out the ceremonial first pitch in Houston’s home opener against the Baltimore Orioles.

Dauer’s return to Minute Maid Park was an emotional one, as Dauer — a coach for three seasons with Houston — suffered a subdural hematoma last year and almost died.

Nick Markakis (L), 22 percent, Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals (A.J. Cole): Markakis is not a power source, which is why he’s so regularly available in most formats, but he has managed a solid .778 OPS against righties since 2015. He’s batting cleanup too. A heart-of-the-order lineup slot for a solid hitter should mean he is on rosters in more than 22 percent of leagues. At worst, he’ll club a ton of doubles to cash in the runners and become a points-league beast. Markakis’ 431 doubles are third most in baseball since joining the league in 2006, behind only Cano (478) and Miguel Cabrera (450). See Flaherty’s recommendation at middle Infield for notes on why Cole is susceptible to lefties.

The Giants will be looking for a deal from now up until — and through — the draft for Odell Beckham, Schefter said. What it comes down to is this — they have to make a decision. They have to either pay Odell Beckham Jr., which right now they are not showing any inclination that they want to do that, or they’ve got to trade Odell Beckham Jr. It’s one or the other. I don’t think anybody thinks he’s coming in to play for $8.5 million.

Adding video, coaches said, would risk the leveling out of that advantage. It’s part of the same mentality that compels them to obfuscate their injury reports, to close practice for all but warm-up drills and to refuse to identify their starting nose tackle. Winning is not a single-thrust event to them. It is the sum of everything that happens during the week, major or nearly irrelevant, real or perceived.

We come in on Monday morning and start watching the tape, Zimmer said, And you say, ‘Oh that’s what they were doing.’ Now, you wouldn’t. So I can do this at six minutes in the first quarter and say, ‘Oh here this is what they’re doing. Here’s how they blocked this.’ And I can coach my guys on what’s happening. Whereas in the past, you have to rely on your skills to figure it out.