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Marlins manager Don Mattingly was home when the toxicology report emerged

Samson remembered how in spring training, he, Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton spent time at a golf tournament together, having fun. Every year, Samson recalled, he and Fernandez would take their physicals at about the same time because they were both early risers.

“I’m angry with him. And I love him. And it’s OK to be angry with someone you love. I’m angry with him that he’s not here in spring training. I’m sad, I’m angry and I love him.”

Marlins manager Don Mattingly was home when the toxicology report emerged, and he was glad he was in a place where he could process the information privately and didn’t have to talk about it publicly.

“I was a little disappointed,” Mattingly said. “It doesn’t change anything about the way I feel about Jose. I know kids do stuff — different stuff. Obviously, a little disappointed with that. I never felt like that was Jose, really.”

“I’ve been around different people [doing] different things, and Jose was the same all the time. I didn’t [see] any change of attitude. …You’re disappointed, but you love him, and you see all the good.”

“The fact that we’re all kind of like a tight-knit brotherhood within ourselves, we’re always rooting for one another,” Syndergaard told reporters last week. “We’ve got a really good camaraderie.”

So what if they’ve, ya know, never actually pitched together in one complete turn of the rotation. Like, ever. All that matters is that they love each other like five brothers from another mother. Mind you, chemistry isn’t the only thing the Mets starters have going for themselves. To hear them tell it, they’ve got their health too. That’s right: Those big-time boo-boos are bygone.