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NFL Draft 2017: Top 10 quarterback prospects in this year’s class

“You can tell he’s been around that his whole life with all his dad has taught him,” Falcons right tackle Ryan Schraeder said. “He’s a walking book of football knowledge. His system is unique to him and his father.

“Those guys really are geniuses in terms of designing game plans to attack, and the plans change every week. It’s fun, it’s engaging, it keeps your mind growing.”

Like Mike, Kyle isn’t just locked into his playbook. He understands it means nothing if he’s not good to those he’s counting on to execute it.

Almost every year, around this time, the narrative of a disappointing quarterback class percolates into nationwide NFL draft discussions. This year, with six junior quarterbacks in the draft, all of which are expected to be selected, NFL teams are still playing catch-up on their film and, more importantly, character evaluations.

But don’t let the media discussion fool you: It’s an above-average quarterback draft class that might have more top 100 QB picks than the last five draft classes.

Game Womens C.J. Watson Jersey While North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson dominate the discussion, it is Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes who might be your team’s favorite passer in this draft.

“The NFL does bond communities together and can be a bridge that unites people,” Goodell said. “That’s something we’re proud of. We have a unique positon on Sunday to hold an event that will bring the world together.”
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Goodell deflected other Trump-related questions during his annual state-of-the-league news conference Wednesday in Houston, four days before the Patriots play the Falcons in Super Bowl 51, but had plenty of other topics to address.