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we’re not even a quarter of their size and we’re the underdog.

Game Mens Dennis Smith Jersey Did George need to be told the Lakers lusted for his services? L.A. has chased pretty much every big name free agent for a half-decade! Of course the Lakers will be interested in 2018, assuming they have cap space.

What exactly could L.A. have told George that would change any sort of contract calculus? George didn’t make the All-NBA team, which means he was not eligible to sign a Durant Rule supermax contract extension at 35 percent of the salary cap like James Harden did. There was no real financial benefit to signing an extension with Indiana this summer without that.

Did George need some other team to tell him he should opt out in 2018 and consider his options while setting himself up for a major pay raise? If he did, he needs new representation. That George would reject an extension this summer and opt out next July is exactly what every other star would do, even if they planned on staying put in free agency. (The calculus for, say, Russell Westbrook is different because he is eligible for the Durant Rule extension … but only if he remains in Oklahoma City.)

Kris Stone, Under Armour’s basketball sports marketing director, said Under Armour has to fight their way up to the top as the underdog.

Authentic Kids Eric Kendricks Jersey If you look at all the other brands we’re competing with, we’re not even a quarter of their size and we’re the underdog. Dennis was overlooked in the draft. We’re both still trying to climb a mountain.