The LaVar Ball family reality show is actually happening

There’s about to be a lot more LaVar Ball and his family for you to watch — if you’re into it. Deadline is reporting that the Ball family has agreed to star in a docuseries, which is being produced by Facebook.

Landon was born without irises in his eyes, a condition called aniridia — so he’s never been able to properly watch a basketball game. In fact, he’s never been able to see anything clearly. But with the help of new technology, he can watch the Jazz play for the first time.

Elite Youth DeShone Kizer Jersey eSight is worn like glasses, and houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at, and enhances the video feed and displays it on two LED screens in front of the users’ eyes, KUTV explained.

In April, Landon got the chance to watch the Jazz play using the glasses — but at the end of the game, he had to give them back. But now, he has a pair that he can wear all the time.
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And the person responsible for helping Landon get the high-tech glasses? Joe Ingles, who footed the $10,000 bill for the technology. And while Landon is more than happy he can now see, he’s also excited by what Ingles was able to do for him.

All of this contributed to Caldwell-Pope’s weird July — one that isn’t over yet. Few teams were in the market for restricted free agents in the first place. It was believed that it would take a big contact to pry KCP away from Detroit — this likely turns out to have been not true — and of course Caldwell-Pope isn’t going to sign a contract less than what he believes he’s worth.