Without her none of this would be possible.

The same can be said of Adams in many ways even though his mother isn’t here to help him enjoy all that he continues to accomplish.

“Everything happens for a reason,” he said. “With having great people around me I was able to get through this. It’s tough to lose my mom at a young age, but she shaped me into the man I am today and the man I am on the football field.

“Without her none of this would be possible.”

Before he could do that, however, Cliff Avril received a phone call and text from Gurley, who vouched for Peete.

“It was one of those deals where I got a chance to talk to Todd and he kind of explained some of the reasons why he felt so strongly about Coach Peete,” McVay said. “When you’ve got a key player like that, I think you want to be able to try to demonstrate that you’re going to listen to your players, their opinion matters. And somebody of his caliber and the type of guy that he is, very important to us. And that definitely played a factor in why we were able to retain Coach Peete. He also earned the opportunity because of what he has done as a great coach, as well.

“He felt like, from a technique, fundamentals, understanding the position, allowing him to see the big picture, how does he fit with regards to protections. I know, last year, he was used a lot more in protections on some of those third-down situations where you’re responsible for blitz pickups and things of that nature. And I think that’s what allowed him to, kind of, expand his game and continue to try to be that every down back that I know he’s striving to be. It was just a lot of the things you’re looking for with your coaching staff and what they’re trying to represent. I feel like Todd saw a lot of those things and that was why he wanted to get a chance to continue to work with him.”texans_086