I think we’re going to have lots of opportunities

Sergio Romo Limited Jersey I’ve long tried to avoid using pitcher wins/losses in my writing at Sporting News and in my conversations with friends and colleagues. I’m sure there have been occasions when I’ve been lazy in spouting out statistics and used it from time to time, but no longer. I’ve taken the pledge.

They were the best ballclub I’ve ever been around, including any team I’ve ever played on, that really just lived in today’ and didn’t talk about yesterday, Ryan Dempster, who spent nine seasons with the Cubs and now works as an MLB Network analyst, told Sporting News. When you blend that many people who think that way together, it was just all about today.
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The celebration is far from over, of course, but Hoyer, the Cubs’ general manager, is already being asked about what’s next for a franchise that just ended the longest championship drought in major American sports history.

I love our core, I love this group of guys, Hoyer says. I think we’re going to compete for a long time. But it’s really hard to get to this point, and I think the minute you stop recognizing that, you’re in a lot of trouble. Our guys never did.

He pauses and smiles.

And, yes, now that we’ve won, he says with a grin, I think we’re going to have lots of opportunities, but the playoffs are really humbling. To think that simply being the most talented team, or having the best record … it’s really hard to win. If any playoff run shows that, I think it’s this one.