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Jaylon Smith returns to start for Cowboys in preseason 19 months after knee injury

It has been 596 days since Jaylon Smith suffered a knee injury to end his college career and Saturday he returned to play football for the first time.

The Indianapolis Colts struggled to do anything offensively with Scott Tolzien under center, so there weren’t many snaps for the first-team Cowboys defense, but Smith stood out in his limited time on the field.

Here, Mahomes found De’Anthony Thomas on a 3rd and long, keeping the drive alive for the Chiefs.

Mahomes showed his ability to handle pressure by sticking in the pocket, and still making a poised throw to Jehu Chesson, getting the Chiefs near the red zone.

After the game, Carr was asked why he put his hand on Mack during the national anthem:

“Obviously, we’re not protesting. You know, we’re not doing anything like that. What we wanted to do is show all the kids that look up to me, look up to him, that white kids, black kids, brown kids, blue, green, doesn’t matter, can all be loving to each other.

Props to this dad for dancing how everyone would expect a dad to dance, which is to say at a wedding, or at a state fair concert, or chaperoning at a school dance:

What did you have before the game? Was it coffee? Should I take up coffee now so I can dance like this? The Vikings were down by 14 at this point, but you don’t mind, you just want to dance.

And I don’t blame you because it’s preseason, where none of this matters. Blair Walsh cared more about this game than you did, but my dude, you wanted to be seen on camera and become a highlight, and I respect the hell out of it. I don’t know if there’s a Dancing Sports Fan Hall of Fame, but I hope you get enshrined in it someday.redskins_105_6f444ce429598e12-180x180

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Sidney Crosby loses teeth, drops jaws as Penguins clinch playoff berth

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Sidney Crosby, as the running joke on social media went, had a hat trick in Tuesday’s 3-1 Penguins win over the Sabres.

This one wasn’t of the goal-scoring variety.

All in a game’s time, the Pittsburgh captain, deemed the darling of referees everywhere, got away with a blatant penalty that fell on blind eyes and appeared to embellish another. In between he scored what might stand as the goal of the year, the type of superhuman effort NHL fans have some to expect from the world’s most talented player.

The Sidney Crosby Hat Trick.

Authentic Mens Brandon Tate Jersey Mouths were agape when, as the seconds ticked off in the first period, Crosby turned on the jets, split a helpless quartet of Sabres defenders down the middle and scored his 41st goal of the season with an impossible one-handed backhand. To the top corner. Robin Lehner was incredulous. So was everyone else.

The IOC, which distributes 90 percent of its revenue for the development of sport in the world, obviously cannot treat a national commercial league better than not-for-profit International Sports Federations which are developing sport globally.

The ice hockey tournament at the Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018 will nonetheless be a very exciting one, because the players from all the other professional ice hockey leagues and their athletes will participate, and will be very much welcomed by their Olympic teams.

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This sounds like Hunter desperately wants to be a part of a Goodfellas remake but couldn’t think of anything better.

Probably because the position-player pitcher is here to prevent injury and fatigue, not create it. And it’s a trend that’s going strong and makes too much sense to go away. While baseball is cyclical and this could go the way of the stolen base, there’s very little risk to go with the measurable reward of keeping your bullpen fresh. I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers stayed in the 20s.

That would be Carlos Moncrief, an outfielder who touched 97 in a blowout for the Sacramento River Cats this year. All that needs to happen is for the Giants to find themselves in a blowout, which, gee, stranger things have happened.

Until then, stay vigilant, folks. There are a couple of stragglers who haven’t used a position player to pitch this millennium, and the rest of the league is leaving them way behind. The position-player pitcher is a more common creature these days, but I’m not tired of it yet. Apparently, neither are managers.

This sounds like Hunter desperately wants to be a part of a Goodfellas remake but couldn’t think of anything better. If he did get cast in such a film, any character with this moniker would absolutely be the first one to tell everyone about a heist and get shot because of it.

Limited Mens Al Davis Jersey King K Rol would have been a cool alternative here. Alas, this nickname just reminds me of this scene from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.
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Fist is just a nickname we’re really about to let happen? Really? Combined with Chris Stickman Sale on the same team, the Red Sox are really cornering the Are You Sure About That One? market.

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2017 Home Run Derby livestream: How to watch them belt dingers online

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A potential battle of two gigantic humans hitting baseballs is the possible endgame of the 2017 Home Run Derby, with defending champion Giancarlo Stanton and current major league home-run leader Aaron Judge the two favorites on Monday night at Marlins Park in Miami.

ESPN will televise the Home Run Derby beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, with Karl Ravech taking over hosting duties this year from Chris Berman. Ravech will be joined on the broadcast by analysts Jessica Mendoza and Mark Teixeira, and reporter Buster Olney.

Last year, the company secured 33% ownership and Disney CEO Bob Iger says the decision marks a big strategic shift for the company.

Matt Asiata Authentic Jersey While this could mean practically nothing for fans once it actually arrives as a consumer product, the ways in which Disney decides to monetize their current sports holdings could shake things up in the sports streaming world.

Will fans have to pay extra to watch certain baseball games on ESPN depending on their market? Will a cable login no longer be enough to catch Sunday Night Baseball week in and week out? Or will this simply be a move closer to HBO’s launch of HBOGo, where it makes it easier for cord cutters to watch content previously reserved for cable subscribers?

However it pans out, Disney is making a big move to try and intelligently monetize a massive sports streaming platform and baseball will be a part of it.

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Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette, Marqise Lee won’t play against Buccaneers

Two of the Jaguars’ most important players will not be on the field Thursday when they face the Buccaneers.

Running back Leonard Fournette is nursing a foot injury, while receiver Marqise Lee has a right ankle sprain, coach Doug Marrone said.

To play it safe, Marrone will keep both players sidelined as they heal.

“We’re just being smart on it,” Marrone said, via ESPN.com. “Obviously we’re going to be smart with him and Marqise, so we’ll probably hold those guys out for at least until after the game.”

Fournette has not been practicing and Marrone said the former LSU star will evaluate him over the weekend. Fournette did practice after the Jags’ win against the Patriots last week, but said his foot was hurting Saturday after practice.

Whether it’s right or not, basketball players have an impact on children. That’s why the league emphasizes professionalism at all times, and hands out suspensions or fines when players act out. But there’s a grey area, as we saw earlier this year with Kyrie Irving.

During All-Star week, the title-winning point guard said on a podcast that “the Earth is flat,” a theory that has been proven false, but has gained popularity lately.

His comments were mocked by journalists and NBA fans because it’s a stupid theory. But beyond the jokes, his comments were actually harmful because kids who listen to him are likely to believe him. And according to an NPR article, that’s exactly what happened.

In a story headlined, “The Ongoing Battle Between Science Teachers And Fake News,” NPR’s Avi Wolfman-Arent spoke to a science teacher who said Irving’s comments have made his kids believe in the flat Earth theory.

She tells her students — like Nick Gurol, whose middle-schoolers believe the Earth is flat — that, as hard as they try, science teachers aren’t likely to change a student’s misconceptions just by correcting them.


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Raines was, of course, one of the great leadoff hitters in baseball history.

The second is this: It was fair to wonder if Raines would ever wind up in Cooperstown, which makes his arrival in baseball’s sacred museum a fascinating story.

He’s a very deserving member of baseball’s elite club, without a doubt, but he was in his 10th and final year of eligibility on the ballot before he was voted in by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America last winter (full disclosure: This was my first year as a voter, and I voted for Raines).
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So in that sense, maybe it was fitting that Raines was the last of the five inductees to speak, following John Schuerholz, Jeff Bagwell, Bud Selig and Ivan Pudge Rodriguez. I’m surely not used to batting fifth, Raines said with a grin during his speech. Although I feel like I had the power and speed to do it.
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Raines was, of course, one of the great leadoff hitters in baseball history.

He finished his 23-year career with 808 stolen bases, which is fifth all time, and a success rate of 84.7 percent, which is the best in baseball history for anyone with more than 400 attempts. He scored 1,571 runs and finished with a career on-base percentage of .385, just a hair under Tony Gwynn’s .388. Even though he wasn’t known for his power, he popped 170 homers in his career.

Frustration probably isn’t the right word; jealousy definitely is, Thomas said, laughing. I mean, there’s no reason to hide it. I would say anybody is jealous that I won [Sunday]. I was jealous that Sergio [Garcia] won [the Masters]; that Brooks [Koepka] won [the U.S. Open]; that Jordan won. I wanted to be doing that, and I wasn’t.

It’s a cool little friendship we have, Thomas said. I think it shows where the game is right now, where all of us are. We obviously all want to win. We want to beat the other person. But if we can’t win, we at least want to enjoy it with our friends. I think that we’ll all be able to enjoy this together, and I know it’s going to make them more hungry, just like it did me.

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Watch: Pirates fans get bizarre assists on 2 Padres home runs

Authentic Mens Davis Webb Jersey The Padres hit three home runs against the Pirates Friday night, but two of them involved fans on bizarre plays that had to be reviewed.

In the fifth inning, Padres second baseman Carlos Asuaje hit a ball to deep-right center at PNC Park that appeared to be out, but it bounced back to Bucs center-fielder Andrew McCutchen, who threw Asuaje out at third.

But after a review, umpires determined the ball bounced off the groin area of a Pirates fan and back onto the field.

The Braves ended the Los Angeles Dodgers nine-game winning streak on Wednesday, handing Los Angeles a 5-3 loss. Freeman had a good day at the plate, going 2-for-3, raising his batting-average to .316, and knocking in his 41st RBI of the season.
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But when Freeman wasn’t in the batter’s box, or in the field, he was annihilating this bag of sunflower seeds in the dugout.

It’s worth noting that as soon as Freeman stopped pouring the seeds in his mouth he immediately left the dugout, glove-in-hand, to take his position at first base. Freeman must really love sunflower seeds to just gobble up that many seeds in one pour. The 27-year-old, who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada, would apparently ensconce himself in sunflower seeds if it was socially acceptable.

This is also one of those years where teams that are poised to win in October already have everything they need on their roster (see: Dodgers, Cubs and Dodgers, though the latter two could stand some pitching help). The Rays could benefit greatly from an arm like Honeywell’s.

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The crotch grab at the end of both runs is the perfect touch.

In 2016, the NFL pledged $100 million in support for independent medical research and engineering advancements in neuroscience related topics, the statement read. This is in addition to the $100 million that the NFL and its partners are already spending on medical and neuroscience research.

The New York Times published an interactive overview of the study’s results and pointed out that about 1,300 former NFL players have passed away since Boston University’s CTE Center began studying the condition. The link between football and CTE is clear.

So even if every one of the other 1,200 players would have tested negative — which even the heartiest skeptics would agree could not possibly be the case — the minimum C.T.E. prevalence would be close to 9 percent, vastly higher than in the general population.

There’s still much to learn about diagnosing, treating, and most importantly preventing CTE. The results of this study show that the need is pressing.
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The crotch grab at the end of both runs is the perfect touch. Not because it’s disrespectful and an indicator of how he just destroyed the opposition’s morale. It’s because there’s no other player in the league who would do it.
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It would be unrealistic to ask Lynch to have a third BeastQuake. The first one was enough of a gift, and NFL fans were blessed with a second one that nobody saw coming.

But Lynch will be playing after having a year off to recover. He’s also got a new motivation by playing in his hometown. It would be irresponsible to just assume he couldn’t do it again, because he’ll be running with more purpose than ever.

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Colin Kaepernick could be just who the Ravens need right now

It’s still not clear just how long the Ravens could be without Joe Flacco. Initial reports said it could be as long as six weeks, but that got walked back to a week of rest for his ailing back.

Brees is in the 90s again, because he always is. He shares the top spot with Brady in awareness, being the only two quarterbacks with the rating, which means his other areas will be down slightly over previous years. Brees will still be good, but he’s definitely slowing down from 2010, when he was the 99 overall player in the pool.

Big Ben’s claim to fame in Madden has always been that he’s near-impossible to sack, and that will continue with his 82 strength rating. EA Sports note that this is the highest in the league, a spot he had to compete with Cam Newton in the past.

The EA Sports blog lets us in on a few more ratings. Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck both sneak into the top tier with 90 overall ratings, while Cam Newton naturally took a step back following the slump after his 2015 MVP season. He’s rated at 88 overall.

Two interceptions in three seasons wouldn’t be so bad for a safety if he had plus coverage skills to make up for the lack of takeaways. But Pryor doesn’t have those skills, consistently getting burned deep and contributing to the Jets’ defensive collapse last season. Seeing Ha Ha Clinton-Dix go just three picks later surely must sting for Jets fans these days.

FIrst and foremost was tight end Rico Gathers, who was drafted by the Cowboys in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL draft. Gathers played college basketball at Baylor, and he hadn’t played football since the eighth gradepatriots_125-180x180

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Friday not first time top pick Nico Hischier slipped on Devils sweater

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When Nico Hischier climbed on stage and slipped a New Jersey Devils jersey on after being selected first overall by the club in Friday’s NHL Draft, it was not the first time the 18-year-old Swiss center wore the distinctive red sweater.

I was really young, maybe 10, playing in a tournament in Switzerland and you wear the jersey of an NHL team, it’s always random, Hischier told reporters at the United Center. That year we were the New Jersey Devils. So, yeah, it’s really special now.

It’s possible Karlsson aggravated the injury. He finished his shift following a collision with the Rangers’ J.T. Miller but noticeably favored his left leg while skating to the bench, where he sat hunched over in obvious discomfort. He jumped on the ice and attempted to test the pain during a stoppage in play but remained in the locker room when the Senators returned for the third period.
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That incident was preceded by a run-in with Chris Kreider, who tripped Karlsson while sliding earlier in the period and Karlsson landed hard on his backside.

Senators coach Guy Boucher told reporters after the game Karlsson could have played but the team opted to err on the side of caution trailing 3-0.

It’s a lower-body injury, he said, and added there’s no concern right now that Karlsson might miss Game 5 on Saturday.

Karlsson missed two games toward the end of the regular season with the foot fractures but returned to help Ottawa clinch a playoff berth. He was averaging 34:04 time on ice in nine playoff games and has eight points.

Karlsson skated 14:54 and was a minus-1 through two periods before his exit Thursday.

Any absence for the Senators’ top defenseman would be detrimental to the remainder of the series, which is now tied after back-to-back Rangers win.